Everyone keeps telling me that the stories I share about my life with my husband, John, are hilarious.  While I find some of the stories mildly amusing, personally, I wouldn’t characterize them as hilarious, but I think as a species we like to hear about the frustrations, foibles, and less-than-fairy-tale-experiences of others.  To that end, this blog will be about the every day happenings of my life, and if you find them entertaining, then I will be happy to have brightened the day of someone outside my office.

As an initial disclaimer, I want to make it clear that John is a wonderful guy, and we have enjoyed almost 38 years together, 36 of them as husband and wife.  When you get married, it’s kind of like buying a used car.  Occasionally, you get one that is pretty low mileage, and you can just jump in and take a cross-country road trip.  However, the majority of people have to overhaul the engine and do a lot of body work before it is ready to roll.  I’m happy to report that after all this time together, we have hammered out most of the dents, sanded the finish, and applied the primer.  I can’t wait to see what the final coat looks like and the direction we head for our big road trip.  I hope you decide to check in on our progress from time to time, and that you enjoy the journey as much as we have.  Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I’m not creative enough to make any of this stuff up.  I swear it’s all true!

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