Damsel in Distress

Generally speaking, I’m a self-sufficient person.  I’m independent and a pretty good problem solver, and I have many friends who share those traits.  However, most women from time to time would like to be rescued by their knight in shining armor who would save them from the tower, slay the dragon, and make telemarketers stop calling at dinnertime.  Personally, I would be satisfied if mine would just answer his cell phone during a crisis…like when my fuel pump goes out and leaves me stranded on the highway 70 miles from home.

I was pretty sure what the problem was when my suburban coughed and lurched to a stop on a busy two-lane highway a couple of months ago.  Even though I was 70 miles from home, I was only 4 miles from a town big enough to have a mechanic and an auto parts store.  Given the remote areas of Kansas that I often drive through, that alone was extremely fortunate.  Two other advantages were the time of day (stores still open at 3:00 p.m) and the fact that the life-threateningly cold weather we’d been experiencing had taken a break that day so I probably didn’t need to worry about hypothermia while I waited for help.

Even after 36 years of figuring things out on my own, my first instinct in a crisis is to call John, so obviously he has helped me out at times, but the only precarious situations that stick in my memory are the ones where he has been less than chivalrous.  On this particular day, my call for help was answered by his voice mail.  AAARRRGGGHHH, my personal pet peeve.  Why are we paying for a cell phone if I can never get in touch with him!!!  As I said, I am a problem solver, so I called a co-worker’s husband who lived in the small town down the road and asked him for the name of the local auto repair shop.  Armed with that information, I looked up the number on the internet and gave them a call.  After describing the symptoms and sharing my diagnosis of the problem, the repairman said, “We MAY have time to come out there and tow you in before we close.”  What???  I said, “I certainly hope so because I’m not going anywhere if you don’t, and I would rather not spend the night in my vehicle.  Is there a manager I can talk to?”  The manager was on another line, but he called me back and confirmed that they would be out within the hour.

While I waited for the tow truck, Sir Galahad finally figured out he had a missed call and checked to see what I needed.  After describing the predicament he said, “Well, it sounds like you have everything under control, but let me know if you can’t get it fixed tonight because I can drive over to get you if I have to.”  I’m sure in his mind that was a sincere offer to help, but as I sat in the vehicle watching semi trucks whiz by my door at breakneck speeds, it seemed he stopped short of adding, “…unless you think you could hitchhike home because that would really save me a lot of time.”

Three hours and $750 later I was back on the road, and I have to admit that I felt pretty confident and self-sufficient solving the problem on my own.  It’s probably a good thing that he hasn’t coddled me over the years as I really do value my independence, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today if he hadn’t established that expectation from the beginning of our relationship.  So I’m okay slaying my own dragons, and my hair certainly isn’t long enough for him to climb into the tower, but this damsel sure wouldn’t mind it if he kept his cell phone in his pocket and put us on the “no call” list.

3 Responses to “Damsel in Distress”

  1. Pat says:

    Terri I can so relate to sitting along side the road with semi trucks whizzing by. I hope that I can say been there done that and it will never happen again!

  2. Serena Lee says:

    funny how his phone is always in his pocket when he’s entering water though

  3. Terri says:

    You’d think with his history that would be the first thing he would check!!!

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