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A few weeks ago I had the house all to myself on the weekend so I decided to make some homemade noodles.  I used to make noodles occasionally when the kids were small, but for some reason I hadn’t fixed a batch for a long time.  They aren’t terribly difficult to make, but they are a little time consuming.  However, they are well worth the effort if you are in the mood for some comfort food.  The ingredients are quite simple:  flour, eggs, salt and water.  I’ve seen some recipes that include baking powder, but my standard Betty Crocker recipe has never let me down.  The secret of course is to add just enough water to get the dough to form into a ball.  It is also important to roll them into a very thin sheet before cutting into strips so they will be tender when cooked without becoming doughy, but the thickness can be adjusted easily to suit your personal preference.

I can’t describe how good they are cooked in a pot of chicken broth, and when John got home he wanted to know what he had done to deserve homemade noodles because he wanted to make sure he did it again.  I didn’t think he would understand what I really meant if I said, “Don’t be underfoot so much” so I simply said I was in the mood to make noodles.  He doesn’t realize the uncanny ability he has for pulling me off task and turning a request for “5 minutes of my time” into a 2 hour hiatus.  However, after 37 years of marriage, I know that home cooking is a lot easier to do when he’s not home.

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