And Then There Were Eight

I never had any doubt in my mind that eight dogs was our carrying capacity.  Now that two of our three puppies have found a new home, my belief is confirmed. However, even I was a little surprised at how the relocation of two small dogs could have such an impact on the amount of dog food we have to buy and the crowd control techniques we have to employ. The pens we keep the big dogs in have openings in the fence large enough to allow the puppies to move in and out at will, and as they were gradually weaned from their mother, they seemed to spend more and more time as lawn ornaments or guard dogs preventing any entrance to or exit from the house. The simple act of carrying groceries to the house involved the agility, speed, and quick wits you would expect from a contestant on a reality game show, something like: “Survivor: Dog Pound” or “The Amazing Dog Race” or “Canine Wipeout.”

Ruby, the one remaining puppy, can still provide a challenge at times but nothing like what we experienced when she and her sisters joined forces. She looks a lot like Babe, John’s bird dog that was hit by a truck when she was about a year old. Ruby obviously doesn’t have the pedigree Babe had since she is an accidental cross between John’s new bird dog and one of his coon hounds, but it seems to me she has the potential to be a great multi-purpose dog. If she can point pheasants AND tree a coon, maybe we could reduce the number of dogs we have to keep around!! Champ was 14 in November and Sis hits that same milestone this month, so we could very easily be down to six dogs in the very near future. The question is how long will we stay there? Eight may be enough, but I think Six Is Superb!

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