Out of the Mouths of Babes

Grandkids are awesome.  Ask any grandparent you know if you need confirmation of that statement, but I can guarantee you will hear the same thing from every one of them.  I’ll put my five up against anyone’s on the adorable scale, especially with the things they say.  Whether they are being serious or silly, their unique perspective always makes me consider what the world would be like if it were run by children.

A few weeks ago I had three of the girls at our house for the entire weekend.  Azbey, age five, told me she wanted to learn to do counted cross-stitch so I purchased a small kit from Hobby Lobby that I thought we might be able to complete in a weekend, and we started to work.  I would make the first part of the X and she would complete the stitch.  She seemed to enjoy it a lot, but with the attention span of a typical five-year-old, she would work for a few minutes and then lose interest.  If she didn’t like the current cartoon on television or her three-year-old sister wouldn’t follow proper protocol playing dolls, she would periodically re-engage with the sewing project throughout the day.

That evening I was holding her ten-month-old sister, Hannah, who was squirming in my lap and fussing a little, which were both good signs that bedtime was near.  Hannah has always been prone to spitting up, so I wasn’t too concerned when I felt a little regurgitation land on my shoulder.  However, it was soon apparent this was more than a little spit up when the next volley soaked her pajamas, my shirt and a large spot on the carpet.  I grabbed a nearby blanket and caught most of the remaining expulsions, and as she started to squirm in my arms again, I tried to figure out what I was going to do with the blanket and how I was going to clean both of us up if she was indeed finished.

At this precise moment, Azbey walked around the mess on the carpet, avoided the contents of the blanket, and asked, “Grandma, could we work on my cross-stitch project now?”  I replied in a very un-grandmotherly tone with my own question.  “Azbey, can you see that your sister is throwing up?  Do you really think now is a good time to ask about doing cross-stitch?” Without a moment’s hesitation, she answered, “It looks to me like you caught most of it in the blanket.”  Her unspoken insinuation that I needed to chill out caused me to smile even as I took Hannah into the bathroom and started cleaning us up.

A few weeks later I was with all five granddaughters, and I went downstairs at my son’s house to see what Azbey and Harper, the two five-year-olds, were doing.  I didn’t pay much attention to their chatter as they seemed to be getting along well.  However, when they saw me, they came scampering over with guilty expressions on their faces.  I didn’t even get a chance to ask what was going on before Azbey launched into an explanation.

“Grandma, if you hear us saying bad words, you need to know that we are just pretending.”

Hmmm…that probably warranted further investigation.  “What are you pretending and what bad words are you saying?” I asked.

Harper answered, “We are pretending that we are witches, and we aren’t being kind to each other.”

I must have looked confused because Azbey further explained, “You know, we aren’t using good manners when we talk to each other.”  Once again I just walked away chuckling.

Yes, grandkids are awesome.  They can teach us critical lessons like how to relax and take life as it comes or the importance of letting others know we are just pretending if we say unkind things.  One thing I know for sure is you never know what will come out of the mouths of my babes!

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