Some Things Never Change

For almost six months, we were down to six dogs.  In my opinion, six was still too many but better than the eight to ten dogs that usually call our place home.  Even John had commented that the IMG_0716smaller pack size was more manageable.  Did I detect a slight change in his attitude toward dogs? Then one day about two months ago, John asked me if I’d noticed anything unusual about Ruby, the female we kept from the unfortunate and unplanned mating between his coon dog, Nikki, and his bird dog, Jack.  As Ruby ran across the yard, the image was almost more than I could comprehend.  “How did she get pregnant?” I yelled.  John said, “She dug a hole under the fence, and I found her in Razor’s pen one day, but it didn’t seem like anything had happened.”  I wondered to myself what he expected to see if something “had happened”…Razor smoking a cigarette and Ruby drinking champagne perhaps?  Neither of us was happy about this turn of events, but there was nothing we could do but wait.  Nikki only had three puppies when Ruby was born so maybe this would be a small litter as well.

We only had to wait a few weeks for the quantity question to be answered, and lucky number seven was the winner: four males and three females.  Once again I tried to keep my distance, and once again the siren song puppies sing lured me into the pen.  In spite of their unbelievable cuteness, I responded with a steely glare when John brought up the subject of keeping one.  I simply asked which of his current dogs he planned to give away if he wanted to keep a puppy.

Fortunately we have found places for all of them.  Our daughter is taking one and a co-worker is taking another.  If we don’t find homes for the other five, they will go to a “no-kill” shelter.  You would think that even though the thirteen dog total is temporary, John would have learned his lesson, but you would be wrong.  On a recent trip to Wisconsin, one of his bear hunting buddies tried to give him a trail hound.  I truly think that without my adamant refusal to consider the acquisition, he would have hauled number fourteen home.  When it comes to dogs, John is never going to change.

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