Eleven Dogs and Counting

If you read my earlier post, 8 Dogs and Counting, you might remember that I made the statement “All I know for sure is that we have 8 dogs, and we will never have 9.  I’m putting my foot down!”  I now realize that I made a mistake in stipulating a specific number because we have never had 9 dogs.  Instead, we jumped from 8 to 11.  To clarify our status, we do not own a kennel.  We do not raise dogs to sell.  We just have 11 dogs.  I’m sure you are wondering how the pack increased in size dramatically when I was adamant that Eight Is Enough!  All it takes is a female coonhound in heat and a lovestruck Deutsch Drahthaar bird dog determined to unite with his lady love.  He somehow escaped from his pen, and as they say, nature took its course.

I guess I should be happy that the litter size was small, 3 females total.  I have tried very hard to keep my distance as I know how easily one can fall victim to the siren song all puppies sing.  The brief glimpses I’ve had are enough to caution me against any and all direct physical contact with them because they are very cute.  Regardless of how adorable they are, they are all going to find new homes.  They have to find new homes.  Anyway, at least 2 of them have to find new homes.  Wait, if we keep one that would mean we have 9 dogs, and I said we would never have 9 dogs.  Well, for now we have 11 dogs, but we will NEVER have 12 more than 11 dogs.  I’m putting my foot down!

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