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I Do Believe in Ghosts

Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

This morning John asked me to wash a load of laundry because he was out of winter socks.  Some people might find it shocking that he is incapable of Sockswashing clothes himself, but that part of the statement didn’t faze me a bit.  I have accepted the fact that he is domestically challenged and will probably never progress beyond doing an occasional load of dishes or an intermittent running of the vacuum cleaner.  Women statistically outlive men so he has pretty good odds that he will never have to live independently anyway so it’s all good for now.  The thing that surprised me was his claim that he was out of winter socks because I was pretty certain he wasn’t.  I did a little investigating and quickly solved the mystery.  It was just as I feared; we must have a ghost. (more…)

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