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You’ve Been Warned

Friday, August 17th, 2012

I have a fairly high level of stress in my job as each new school year approaches.  I supervise 15 adult dropout recovery programs, or learning centers as we call them, across the state which translates loosely into being a building principal for 15 small high schools.  To be fair to high school principals out there, we don’t have a band, pep club, cheerleaders or athletic teams so I am exempt from many of their time consuming programs.  However, I have facilities to maintain, staff to hire, curriculum to oversee, and dozens and dozens of cooperating school district administrators who need to communicate with me from time to time.  I also have several other responsibilities that reach the peak of activity at the start of the school year.  So here’s a word of warning.  If I tell you I’m stressed out, believe me.  If I tell you to tread lightly when I’m stressed out, believe me.  Apparently, John is a non-believer, and that has made the last few weeks interesting to say the least.


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