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The Dog Shouter

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

If the name Cesar Millan doesn’t sound familar, you undoubtedly recognize his pseudonym, The Dog Whisperer.  Cesar’s popular television show of the same name and numerous books have made him one of the best known dog trainers in the world.  He says he rehabilitates dogs and trains people, and his natural affinity for dogs and uncanny success with the most difficult canine problems established his reputation almost a decade ago.  I have followed Cesar’s career with interest because I live with a dog whisperer.  Well, more accurately stated, I live with a dog shouter.  John also has a unique ability with dogs, and his expertise is one of the reasons he acquired the new puppies to train.  Even though he doesn’t have the same level of celebrity as Mr. Millan, he has had some remarkable success with the dogs he has trained.  Their philosophies about dog training are similar, but their techniques are not the same at all!

The Dog Whisperer makes a unique clicking sound when he is disciplining a dog.  John uses a high decibel yell that makes small children cry and most dogs lose control of their bladders.  I have seen him break up dog fights just by shouting at the attacker.  On more than one occasion, a misbehaving dog has headed to his pen rather than try to figure out what offending behavior has incurred John’s displeasure.  He often laments the fact that I am immune to this effect!

Mr. Millan uses a leash to control the dogs he works with and establish his dominance as the leader of the pack.  John is much more likely to wrestle his dogs to the ground and assert his dominance by looking into their eyes and growling.  Some days I think I should sell tickets, but the performances are unscheduled and impossible to predict.


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